Xe trộn bê tông Transmix 5002


Xe Vận Chuyển Bê Tông Transmix 5002

Giới Thiệu sửa

Thùng trộn 5 m3, kết cấu chắc chắn, kiểu dáng thấp, di chuyển và lái bằng 4 bánh. 2 cabin lái, thuận tiện cho việc di chuyển trong hầm mỏ.

- Chiều dài : 8.20m

- Chiều rộng : 2.20m

- Chiều cao : 2.95m

Tùy chọn : 2 cabin lái

Jacon Roboshot Transmix 5000, equipped with:sửa

+ Mercedes Diesel engine rated at 205KW @ 2500 RPM

+ Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive transmission

+ Leaf spring suspension

+ Clark-Hurth steering axles

+ Four Wheel Hydrostatic Steering from front and rear cabins

+ SAHR Parking Brake with quick release

+ Hydraulically applied four wheel internal wet disc brakes

+ Catalytic converter

+ 12.00 x 20, 20 ply tyres "Wide wall"

+ Full operating controls from front and rear cabins

+ 25 km/hr road speed

+ Full road lighting/Warning strobe lights

+ Operating and parts manual

+ Water pump and tank

+ 5.0 cubic meter capacity, double spiral blades, hydraulic drum chute tilting and capable of batch mixing

Tùy chọn: sửa

+ Fully enclosed air conditioned cabin

+ Fire suppression system

UnderGround | ROBOSHOT TRANSMIX 5000 sửa

+ Turning circle: 11 metres approx

+ Tare weight: 9600 Kgs


+ Length: 8.2 metres

+ Width: 2.2 metres

+ Height: 2.95 metres

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