Máy Bơm Bê Tông Cố Định S85

Giới Thiệusửa

Kích thước trung bình

Thiết kế chắc chắn, phù hợp mọi địa hình

Lưu lượng bơm từ 65 – 90 m3/h

Hiệu suất tối ưu


Máy Bơm Bê Tông Cố Định S85

Đặc điểm chung:sửa

Type: Swing tube model with dual reciprocating pistons.

Engine: 6 cylinder Turbo charged Duetz diesel Engine.

Power: 134 KW @ 2500 rpm.

Hydraulic Pressure Max: 350 Bar.

Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 800 Litres.

Bảng so sánh đặc điểm:sửa

Model S75 S85
Rated Output (m3/hr) 65 90
Pumping Cylinders Stroke (mm) 175x1440 200x1440
No of Stroke (per minute) 36 36
Vertical Reach (m) 205 160
Horizontal Reach (m) 650 520
Line Pressure (Bar) 150 110
Max Aggregate Sizes (mm) 60 60

Note: Performance may vary due to concrete mix design, job site conditions and line set up.


Fully automatic stroke adjustment. No valves to set or adjust.

Electric over hydraulic pilot system with manual over-ride feature.

Dual circuit hydraulic system for smooth positive swinger tube action.

Hydraulic oil cooler.

Tropical condition design.

Twin swing rams with cushion for fast change over.

Hopper Remixer.

Proven Rexroth hydraulic system.

Single channel cordless remote control for pump ON/OFF.


+ Length: 5270mm

+ Width  : 2070mm

+ Height : 2180mm

+ Hopper height: 1280mm

+ Outlet size: 150mm (6”)

+ Weight : 5560Kgs

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